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This site contains resources and links on literacy and the teaching of writing

Writing Fix--Home of Interactive Writing Prompts
Writing Fix

Northwest Education Link to Sample Papers, Scoring practice, etc
Education Northwest

Bakersfield CA Sample Papers
Bakersfield CA resources

Anne Ruggles Gere Writing on Demand resources
Writing on Demand resources

Read Write Think --NCTE
Read Write Think

New York Times Learning Network
NYTimes Learning

Pearson Reading Comp Examples
Pearson Reading Comprehension Examples

Depth of Knowledge (DOK)
IDOE DOK Examples

PPT on Synthesis

Scores-to-grade conversion chart

Sample Papers for Scoring Practice

Elements of Effective Writing Instruction, Carnegie Research

Traits of an Effective Reader, NWREL Research

Frequently Asked Questions about Level 1 Writing.
This will be updated as more questions come in!

Link to various lessons for reading/writing.
For ideas such as Text Rendering, click on "Resources," then on "Protocols"
National School Reform Faculty

PPT for Jan 3, 2011

WTL Strategy Notes Organizer

WTL Strategies to Try Organizer

NCTE: 10 Myths about Student Writing

PPT for Dec 14

Recommendations for EH

An annotated bibliography of professional books.

A link to the Writing Proficiency Project: Oakland CA and the NWP
Oakland Writes

A link to the PDF Document "Writing Next" listing research-based effective teaching strategies for adolescent writers
Carnegie Report "Writing Next"

A link for resources relating to Adolescent Literacy
Ad Lit

Handouts for Dec 14, 2010 workshop

A Prezi on teacher accountability & how to respond to it